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Resume tips you can’t ignore!

We know you want to catapult into the best position yet.  You also want the best tools to do that with and, alas, that plain old nontechnical piece of paper called a resume remains timeless.

Did you know that 58% of managers found resume typos that automatically caused them to dismiss candidates?  Or that 36% of employers dismissed candidates for a resume they considered too generic?  Bet you didn’t know that it’s a good idea to have more than one resume targeted at various jobs within your field, or that incorrect details on your resume could cost you the job you’ve been pursuing.

So go ahead, get out that resume, and take a good objective look.  Your resume is the only advertisement you’ve got, it’s your life story, it’s all about you.  Take advantage of the spotlight it offers you and make yourself stand out!!  And while you’re at it, take in this quick but essential read:



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