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The Other James Caan

James Caan is a phenomenal actor.  You probably remember him as the short-tempered Sonny Corleone from The Godfather.  But there is another James Caan you may not have heard of.  A serial entrepreneur with plenty of experience in recruiting, Caan has narrowed down the issues that job seekers face into three that candidates can manage better than a dinner party with the Corleones.

1) Zone in on your role

Ever gone into an interview for a job only to be told that you would be a better fit for another position?  It’s happened to me and probably to you too.  Caan recommends that job candidates be selective and honest with their job-finding goals.  Do your skills correspond with those goals?  If not, you’ve got some adjustments to make.  Applying for jobs haphazardly is an indication that you are not focusing on your abilities and which positions would be best suited to your skill set.  Be selective.

2)  Outclimb the competition                  corporate ladder

You should be on the move up the ladder, says Caan.  Either by promotion or by changing companies, your career should be transitioning every two to three years.  Stay motivated and add to your skills while on the job.  Does your company offer continuing education seminars?  Grab ’em!  Look at every added skill, course or experience as another rung on the ladder.

3)  Stand out

Do you prefer to perform quietly?  Now is a good time to get rid of that stage fright!  Be your own PR firm and become reknowned in what you do by creating a buzz about your accomplishments in your field.  Be a promoter, not a pusher and you will be highly regarded amongst your colleagues.  And don’t forget to network, network, network!

An organized career will land you the right jobs with companies that will be happy to welcome you into da’ family.

Just ask James Caan.

sonny corleone


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