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The highest paid jobs are what? In healthcare did you say?

The nation’s top jobs are healthcare jobs!


Oh yeah, we’re happy!

The 2014 stats are in for the 10 highest paid jobs in the nation and seven, count them, SEVEN of them are in healthcare!!  That’s right, and it gets better.  The top three spots are awarded to surgeons, general practice physicians, and psychiatrists.  As in positions that are filled in hospitals.  As in positions that we fill for our clients by the dozens.

Not sure about the source of these rankings?  They have been brought to you by CareerCast and the Wall Street Journal, pretty reliable sources in our book.  And it’s always good to    know that you don’t have the stress of having to control air traffic from the ground in order to make a good living.  Phew, I think I’d rather be a surgeon.














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