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Spring forward at work with Spring Fever!

Spring fever - it's going around!

Spring fever – it’s going around!

This is one fever all healthcare organizations should NOT ignore……..

Our last post was all about employee engagement and nothing engages employees quite like the blossoming of trees, flowers and warm spring weather.  What we refer to as spring fever is an actual physiological phenomenon with both physical and psychological manifestations for which studies have uncovered plenty of explanations.  Some credit the day dreamy, restless feelings to longer periods of light which reduce melatonin, the sleep hormone, causing a surge in energy that quite contrasts the mid-winter “blahs” that plague residents of gloomy winter climates.  Regardless of the origins, there is no question that when April rolls around we tend to notice our energy spikes and a fresh burst of creativity overcomes us.

Creativity is an employers dream.  It spawns employee innovation and lifts company morale.  And it would seem in the best interests of any organization to boost such a resource.  Need a few ideas?  You’ve come to the right place!

1.  Take advantage of Mother Nature’s own employee incentive program by holding staff meetings outside underneath blooming foliage.  You’ll be surprised at the mega productivity that will ensue.

2.  Encourage your team to step outside and under the sun for a quick shot of vitamin D which is well-known for being a natural mood-booster.  Encourage physical activity while they are out there.  Scientifically proven, people are able to concentrate longer after exercise breaks.

3.  Plan a special event, such as a party or talent show, to break the winter ice and enter the new uplifting season!  The office will be bursting with camaraderie while planning the event and will continue long after the final curtain.

4.  Spruce up your office with greenery both inside and out.  The color green has been proven to promote mood.  Surround your employees with it!

Most of all, be sure to share your euphoria with colleagues at every opportunity.  Remember, even spring fever is catchy!

Happy Spring!!


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