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Welcome to the official blog of The Merraine Group Inc.!

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If you ask the top hospitals in America for a top name in healthcare recruitment, they’ll tell you about us.  But our reputation doesn’t stop at providing healthcare administrators to medical centers from coast to coast.  Our clients love us because we search through qualified candidates, spend hours getting to know them, and fine tune every search to meet their specifications. The candidates love us because, well, we find them awesome positions!!  We pull them up the career ladder a rung at a time, living and loving their jobs instead of just bringing home the bacon.  Our team actually cares about seeing both parties happy with the final outcome, and our job isn’t over even after we make it happen.  Just ask our longstanding customers!!

But we are not just an international top recruiting company.  We are a team made up of individual faces and exuding individual talents.  Just ask our people who makes the best cup of office coffee, or who’s the ping pong champion.  We are an eclectic bunch that somehow brings our differences and strengths together for a winning combination of players.  The Merraine Brain is a forum for showing you the Merraine that others don’t always see.  The underlying chemistry and teamwork, the motivation and the processes that go into accomplishing the task that we love most and do best, placing talented individuals with successful organizations, is at the heart of our success.  From  individual to individual, we are just like the thousands of clients and candidates whom we work with.

On that note, we are thrilled that you have tapped into our Merraine Brain!  Please click on the Follow the Merraine Brain button on our Home page for regular Merraine Brain updates.  Oh, and by the way, we looooove hearing from you.  So don’t be shy!  Feel free to post comments or questions and we’ll be sure to respond!


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