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10 Solutions To Fall in Love With Your Job Again

Love for many is a fleeting feeling. One day you are besotted with your other half, and the next you cannot get away quicker. The same is true with our … Continue reading

February 13, 2019 · Leave a comment

Are There Any Solutions or Cures to the Global Epidemic Myopia?

Myopia or nearsightedness is a growing concern in this country and the global community. Research shows that almost 40% of the US population has myopia or nearsightedness, and professionals in … Continue reading

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Why Is There Low Unemployment, Yet More Job Vacancies?

As reported in a recent issue of the New York Times, the picture for the job economy could not be any brighter. Looking at the facts may help form a … Continue reading

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How to Motivate a Multi-Generational Workforce

As a child of the eighties growing up in Britain, I used to watch Star Trek. Many would say a brave admission! The now iconic quote, “It’s life Jim, but … Continue reading

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How Seasonal Changes Affect Skin Health throughout the Year

Watching through my office window, people are rushing by- in and out of office and shop doors. Cars zoom past. There’s a rapid transition in the weather, as well.  Fall … Continue reading

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5 Future Trends in Imaging Technology to Watch

Medical Imaging is one of the most innovative and dynamic fields in the healthcare industry. With significant developments in AI and other technologies, this is an exciting time to be … Continue reading

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How to Balance the Magic of Halloween and Professionalism in Your Office

Each year Halloween brings a spirit of fun to our homes and neighborhoods. Halloween decorations adorn the porches of our houses. Roads are chock a block with cars filled with … Continue reading

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