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How Seasonal Changes Affect Skin Health throughout the Year

Watching through my office window, people are rushing by- in and out of office and shop doors. Cars zoom past. There’s a rapid transition in the weather, as well.  Fall … Continue reading

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5 Future Trends in Imaging Technology to Watch

Medical Imaging is one of the most innovative and dynamic fields in the healthcare industry. With significant developments in AI and other technologies, this is an exciting time to be … Continue reading

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How to Balance the Magic of Halloween and Professionalism in Your Office

Each year Halloween brings a spirit of fun to our homes and neighborhoods. Halloween decorations adorn the porches of our houses. Roads are chock a block with cars filled with … Continue reading

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Four Proven Quality Improvement Ideas for Different Types of Hospitals

If you were to ask a patient or healthcare professional, “What do you consider quality improvement to be?” – you are likely to come back with a long list of … Continue reading

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Behavioral Health: Is Social Media a Force for the Good or Not?

This October is all about creating an awareness of mental health issues. The question is if our mental health is affected by the ever-expanding influence of the modern world, in … Continue reading

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Childhood Obesity: Finding Programs That Work in the Fight Against Obesity

Childhood obesity is not just purely a health care topic but is a subject debated by schools and policymakers the world over. For the last few decades, it has been … Continue reading

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5 Exciting Rehabilitation Technologies Impacting the Healthcare Industry

This September we take a look at how cutting-edge technology is speeding up rehabilitation patients’ recovery. For nurses and healthcare professionals there is no greater reward than seeing patients take … Continue reading

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