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Patient Safety Week: How Hospitals Can Maintain Their Safety and Security in Unpredictable Times

As we review Patient Safety this week, let’s dial down on the safety and security of the patient’s environment- the medical facility. How might best practices help hospitals to remain … Continue reading

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3 Winning Characteristics of Leadership That Can Positively Impact Your Organization

Throughout history, there have been great leaders renowned for both their charisma and humility, such as Martin Luther King. Or their bravery- daring to go where others fear to follow- … Continue reading

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Bringing 5 Cutting-Edge Cardiology Innovations Down to Earth

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Let’s take the heart for example: to the layman cardiologists among us, the heart pumps oxygen around the body and … Continue reading

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The Role of Innovation in Rural Healthcare

In recent years, a wave of urbanization has taken place. More people are leaving their homes in rural towns and moving to US cities. The health and wellbeing of rural … Continue reading

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10 Solutions To Fall in Love With Your Job Again

Love for many is a fleeting feeling. One day you are besotted with your other half, and the next you cannot get away quicker. The same is true with our … Continue reading

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5 Disruptive Technologies that are Revolutionizing the Operating Room

In today’s modern world, the constantly moving conveyor belt of disruptive technology is changing the way in which we experience the world. Disruptive technology is a groundbreaking product or innovation … Continue reading

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Are There Any Solutions or Cures to the Global Epidemic Myopia?

Myopia or nearsightedness is a growing concern in this country and the global community. Research shows that almost 40% of the US population has myopia or nearsightedness, and professionals in … Continue reading

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