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5 of the Latest Health Technologies for Women

In May, a whole week is committed to women’s health and wellness promotion. Technologies of all types have made an impact everywhere. The medical field is not an exception. One … Continue reading

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How Nurses Make an Impact at Every Level of Patient Care

During the month of May, the healthcare profession recognizes the vital role played by nurses across the country. Over the years, the profession has developed. Nurses play a key ‘patient … Continue reading

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Why Outstanding Patient Experience Continues to be the Measure of a Great Hospital / Health System

If you visit any hospital or health system website; look at any hospital brochure or view any advertisement, it is likely to be focused on patient experience or patient satisfaction. … Continue reading

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Big Game Changers: New Technologies in Healthcare That Provide a Competitive Edge

The American Football arena has always been one where any extra yards gained over the opposition is an advantage. In this rapidly advancing technological age, new innovations in healthcare technology … Continue reading

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Vietnam Veterans of America Gets Big Furniture Donation from Local Multi-Specialty Search Firm

Recent INC 5000 Inductee, Shepherd Search Group®, recently moved its flagship location to Port St. Lucie from Stuart and used the opportunity to give back to local non-profit veterans’ agency. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce: Have We Realized Martin Luther King’s Dream?

The echoes of Martin Luther King’s epoch defining “I have a dream” speech have lost none of their power or significance. The question is whether we are yet to realize … Continue reading

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How the Changing Landscape of Healthcare Finance Will Affect Your Facility

As British prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli said “Change is inevitable. Change is constant”. Disraeli’s quote reflects the constant flux in healthcare. One of these major changes is the shift in … Continue reading

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