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5 Fun Ways to Engage Your Employees During the Year

As the summer season comes to its conclusion, employees are marching back to work, hopefully happy and content. Or at least some of them are. For other employees, returning from … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Attract Healthcare Talent Besides a Higher Salary

Today, the challenge for healthcare employers is finding new ways to attract candidates, other than a high salary. A high salary is enticing for any candidate, yet many hospitals have … Continue reading

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Merraine Group Acquires Nielsen Healthcare

St. Louis, Missouri (August 2018) – Merraine Group Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of Nielsen Healthcare Group. This acquisition represents the joining of forces between two of the country’s … Continue reading

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How Can Healthcare Providers Differentiate Themselves to Attract Critical Talent?

Today, the healthcare industry is in a state of constant change and movement. Competition between providers is fierce to attain and identify the best talent. Add replacing staff into the … Continue reading

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2 Strategies for Developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Last year when Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit, many were surprised by their sheer ferocity. Hospitals in Texas and Florida had emergency plans at the ready, but how could they … Continue reading

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How Nurses Make an Impact at Every Level of Patient Care

During the month of May, the healthcare profession recognizes the vital role played by nurses across the country. Over the years, the profession has developed. Nurses play a key ‘patient … Continue reading

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Why Outstanding Patient Experience Continues to be the Measure of a Great Hospital / Health System

If you visit any hospital or health system website; look at any hospital brochure or view any advertisement, it is likely to be focused on patient experience or patient satisfaction. … Continue reading

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